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OMline Art Gallery

Welcome to OMline Art Gallery. At OMline Art Gallery you will find inspiring paintings by OM EinDor Berov created with love for you and your loved ones. Gift a painting to yourself and others. Every painting is a beautiful space to which you can enter. A space that can heal and balance your energy by simply resting in its scenery. OM's Paintings are inspired by nature. Surround yourself with nature's beauty and serenity and it will in turn, objectively without any effort on your part transform your mind into a more positive, calm, joyful and balanced instrument. Everything you choose to expose yourself to, influences you, positively or not. Surround yourself with beauty and let it saturate your mind. Your healing begins by consciously placing yourself in a positive, uplifting environment. Use OM's paintings to create that healing atmosphere for you.

OM's Art Gallery Includes...

  • Original paintings: Acrylic paintings by OM EinDor
  • Canvas Prints: Prints of OM EinDor paintings.
  • Inspiring wall decor: Paintings that inspire joy, serenity and love.
  • Gifts for Every Home: Gift a painting to yourself and your loved ones.
  • Apparel Printed with OM's Paintings
  • Gifts printed with OM's Paintings
  • Home Decor printed with OM's paintings

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