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OMline Home Sanctuary

Welcome to OMline Home Sanctuary. A home decor store. Your Home is your Sacred Oasis

Design Your Home Sanctuary to Inspire Sacred Relations, Relaxation, Peace, and Joy. OMline Home Sanctuary has everything you need to create a beautiful and inspiring home sanctuary environment. Your home is your temple, your retreat. Your home is your special place. It protects you and embraces you. Make it a place you love to come back to.

OMline Home Sanctuary Includes...

  • Rugs and curtains: Add a special touch to specific areas in your home. Create a unique atmosphere in different corners of your sanctuary.
  • Chimes, cushions and throws: Add beautiful colors, designs and sounds to your home
  • Fountains: Place a fountain in areas of your home and office to add ambiance and a sense of health and well-being.
  • Furniture and hammocks: Furniture for your home, patio and garden
  • Organic beddings and towels: Beddings made of natural material helps your body eliminate toxins and improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Wall décor: Fill your walls up with inspiring, and uplifting painting and prints. Surround yourself with beautiful decor that will raise your awareness, keep your mind positive and your heart feeling happy.
  • Inspiring lights: Inspiring lights for your home, office and garden. Surround yourself with beautiful colorful inspiring lights.
  • Massage: Massage chairs, portable massage chairs, manual massage instruments and automatic electric massage tools.

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