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OMline Spiritual Practice Shops, has helpful tools for spiritual seekers of all paths. Yoga and Meditation supplies and every useful instrument to support your Sadhana (Spiritual practice) on your path to Self-Realization.

OMline Spiritual Practice Shops Includes...

  • Meditation Supplies: Meditation seats and cushions
  • Incense: All natural Incense to help with withdrawing the senses and focusing the mind
  • Japa Malas: A wonderful aid in concentration and sublimation, leading to spiritual awakening in a higher consciousness.
  • Alter supplies: Lamps, candles, religious symbols, pictures, paintings and so much more
  • Yoga Supplies: Hatha Yoga tools. yoga mats, cushions, yoga stretch straps, yoga blocks and much more
  • Yoga and Meditation Clothing: Clothing for a comfortable practice. Sattvic meditation outfits, yoga pants, yoga tops, Clothes with inspiring messages and so much more
  • Deities & Religious Symbols: Deities and religious symbols, pictures and paintings from around the world. Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Sufi, alter articles.

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